Saturday, 31 December 2011

Dear You,

I had another dream. Or maybe it was a nightmare. It was the scariest dream that I had, but there were no ghosts or monsters or covers. Just you. We were together and we were happy. Then I asked you, "do you love me?". You said, "yes." I asked you again, "are you happy with me?" and your answer was "i am happy right now, I'm with you."

"Did you break-up with her?" And I was really hoping for another yes but you said, "I can't" , "I tried, but I can't." Then I started crying, but there wasn't any tear. You said, "It is easier to be with her, we can be together as much as we want."

I said "I love you" then I kissed you and then I begged you to break up with her. But you did not answer. But it seems like I already knew what it is, so I left. 

Then I woke up. 

Maybe that dream was the sign that I was praying for. You were so honest in that dream, you were so unreal,  yet ironically, everything felt real, like you were just in front of me.

Today will be the last day. And it will be the last chance that I'm giving myself. Everything needs to stop after today.

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