Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dear Me,

You asked for a sign, you got it. I know you're hurting right now, but that's it. You have to let go now.

It may be hard, you've gone thru a lot, but soon enough, everything's gonna be alright. You can cry, go ahead and let it out.

If the future scares the hell out of you, then stop thinking about it and live just for today. 

Stop thinking about what's gonna happen next, it will arrive eventually.

If the past is hurting you, then maybe it's time to leave it all behind.

If you think you're broken, then start picking up the pieces of yourself.

Don't be upset if you can't find the answers you're looking for, maybe it's not yet time. Soon everything will be clear and you'll find the reason why.

Don't blame yourself. None of it is your fault. Nothing is wrong with you.

You have to move on. Start anew. I know, it will be tough, but you'll make it.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, there is no benefit in lurking in sorrow. Though it is okay to be sad, we always need to realize that it eventually has to stop. Life will continue and we must always know that things happen for a reason. We may not know it now, we may never do, but there is always a reason. You can do it marse, we're all here for you always! :)