Monday, 30 January 2012

The Answers..

Finally, the answers that I've been waiting for. Maybe, not for all the questions that I had, but just enough for me to tell myself that IT'S OVER.. Yes, it is over.

Now, I know the truth. It was him all along.. All the lies, all the stories.. Noone else is to blame. Even the other girl, she didn't know. She was a victim too. What's sad is, now that she knows the truth, she stick to what she wants, what they want. But that is no longer my concern now.

Forgive me if I ever offended some people with my actions. Please remember though that I am only human and I am not at all perfect. Forgive me if I've done something wrong, if I was impulsive. Again, remember that as human, I act based on my emotions.  Some could have judged me for what I have done, but please understand, that I was hurt then.

And now, I also forgive you for everything that you did. Although, I feel like I can never forget what happened, you've been forgiven. Now, I also pray that you change. I pray that whatever is causing you to do all this stops. I pray that you find real happiness in your life.

Thank you God for bringing me the answers. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for saving me from a relationship that is not honest. Thank you for saving me from a possibly doomed marriage.

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  1. everything does happen for a reason, we always just need to trust and have faith. indeed, thank you God! :)