Friday, 30 December 2011

The Gemini

In finding answers to all the questions I have in my head, and in complete desperation, I started to search for the future thru horoscopes.While I was never a believer of such, I am now willing to take anything, maybe anything that would tell me that everything is gonna be alright.

I wanted to understand what happened to him, why all of a sudden things changed (this is not the future, I am looking back at the past)

Gemini Man
The Gemini man is an intelligent, versatile, knowledgeable man who enjoys communication. 
A convincing talker, combined with his youthful nature and the Gemini man can present a character of considerable appeal to most women. 
It is more than likely then, that this male will have many girlfriends before he gets married.    
The Gemini man loves travel, parties and entertainment and possesses a fun-loving outlook on life so, with such outlook it may be unwise that he refrains from settling down to early in life. 
He will pursue a woman who interests him while a challenge exists, however, the relationship staying power of the Gemini man is generally not record breaking and he will often lose interest if he becomes bored and move on in search of new conquests.  

That is him. Everything is just oh-so-right, I just hope I've read this a million years ago so maybe I have predicted what's gonna happen. Maybe, that was it, our relationship lost that challenge that he was craving for. I said yes to the marriage, maybe, everything became too predictable for him, thus, became boring. And he's had only three girlfriends (or four now), maybe he need a dozen or more before he settles down.

I am tired. My mind is now about to explode, thinking why or how or what will happen next or whatever. What's really ironic is, I've been looking for description of a gemini, while I myself is one, so I should know. I'm non-sense, my mind is actually thinking faster than what my hands can write, and, I just need to stop.

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